Pre-Op Instructions

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Before your surgery, please follow these instructions to ensure a successful procedure and reduce the risk of complications:

  1. Nothing by Mouth: Do not consume any food or drink after midnight on the night before your surgery. However, you may brush your teeth in the morning. Avoid drinking water.
  2. Pre-operative Shower: Begin washing your body with Hibiclens two days before surgery, the night before surgery, and on the morning of surgery. Follow the pre-operative, at-home shower instructions provided below:

    • Ensure your entire body is wet, then move away from the water spray.
    • Apply Hibiclens soap to a freshly laundered washcloth.
    • Lather and wash your entire body, excluding your eyes, ears, mouth, and internal vaginal area. (Use caution while washing the groin area.)
    • Spend two minutes gently washing the area(s) where your incision(s) will be located.
    • Rinse off the Hibiclens completely and pat yourself dry with a freshly laundered towel.
    • Repeat steps above one more time just before reporting to the surgery center.
    • Do not use regular soap after using Hibiclens.
    • Avoid shaving any areas where surgery will be performed with 48 hours of surgery.
    • Do not apply any powders, deodorants, or lotions.
  3. Medications: Avoid any medications containing aspirin or ibuprofen (Advil) for at least 1-2 weeks before your surgery. These drugs can increase the risk of bleeding.  Please pay careful attention to any vitamins, herbs or supplements you may be taking. These often contain ingredients that can increase the risk of bleeding.   Please refer to the enclosed list to identify any medications or herbs/suppliments you should avoid. If you are unsure about any medication, consult with the office or a pharmacist to confirm it does not contain aspirin or ibuprofen. You may take Tylenol as a mild pain reliever.
  4. Avoid Makeup and Lotion: On the day of surgery, do not wear makeup or lotion.
  5. Comfortable Attire: Wear comfortable clothing and shoes to the surgery center.
  6. Jewelry and Contact Lenses: Remove all jewelry and avoid wearing contact lenses.
  7. Pre-operative Tests: Ensure you have completed the necessary pre-operative laboratory tests. The results should be faxed to our office. Please review our financial policies.
  8. Arrival Time: Arrive at the surgery center at [specific time] on [surgery date].
  9. Prescription Medications: Fill your prescription and bring the medications with you to the surgery center.
  10. Garments/Bra: We will provide you with the necessary garments or bra.
  11. Transportation and Caretaker: Arrange for a ride home from surgery, and make sure you have a responsible caretaker who can stay with you overnight. It should be a family member or friend. If you don’t have someone available, you must either stay at an aftercare facility or arrange for an at-home post-op nursing service.

Thank you for your cooperation!

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact our office online, or call our office at (310) 584-9990.