CO Laser Resurfacing

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CO2 Laser Resurfacing is a non-surgical skin rejuvenating treatment that treats wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin tone and texture, and many other skin conditions. Lasers have gone from beginning in one of Einstein’s theories to now being an integral instrument in surgical and cosmetic procedures. They have quickly become a safe, effective option for treating several medical conditions.

Dr. Michael Zarrabi is proud to offer CO2 laser resurfacing at his Santa Monica office because of its revolutionary approach to treating several skin conditions. With a simple procedure, Dr. Zarrabi and Sherry Sanvictores, MSN. NP can revitalize your skin and restore your appearance. To learn more about how CO2 laser resurfacing can treat your unique complexion, please schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Zarrabi or Sherry. To reach our office directly, please call (310) 584-9990.

A Brief History on Lasers

The invention of lasers can be traced back to a concept proposed by Albert Einstein in a 1917 paper in which he hypothesized about the effect of stimulated radiation on molecules and their transfer of energy.[1] He probably wasn’t worried about removing wrinkles or hair, but this theory catapulted the idea of harnessing controlled radiation in a noncombustible apparatus, leading to Thomas Maiman’s invention of the LASER (light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation).[2] Invented in 1960, Maiman’s laser used a ruby, which has a high chromium content, as its active medium. The laser was activated when a strong electrical current passed through the ruby, energizing the chromium electrons, causing a flash of white light in the laser’s cylinder. Then, a single red-wavelength light was emitted through the tip of the device. This was in fact the world’s first operational laser. This discovery led to the invention of the uranium laser in 1960, the helium-neon laser in1961, and then the CO2 laser in 1964 by Bell Laboratories.[2] Suddenly, a new frontier of possibilities opened up for the science and medical communities. Without laser technology, the medical community would not have the resources necessary to safely and effectively excise certain tumors, perform non-invasive and non-contact procedures, and enhance the results of cosmetic procedures. CO2 laser resurfacing is just another example of the life-changing procedures that lasers make possible.

CO2 Lasers For Dermatological Use

Because CO2 laser energy is well conducted by water[3] and the body is 75% to 90% water,[4] the CO2 laser has found many useful applications for treating human tissue. When the CO2 laser beam treats human tissue, it causes the target tissue to vaporize instantly – a process called ablation. Next, the thermal energy from the beam cauterizes the surrounding small blood vessels, and leaving the neighboring tissue undamaged.[4] This “micro-abrasion” causes a healing response in the body and triggers neocollagenesis in the treated area.[5] Over the next few weeks, a cascade of wound-healing proteins like collagen and elastin fibers restructure and restore the area’s dermal health and appearance. This process causes the erasure of wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, and much more! However, controlling the effect of the CO2 laser beam is vital because not all skin conditions occur at the same level in your dermis. With its customizable settings, Dr. Zarrabi’s Deka DOT laser can achieve just that.

The Deka DOT Laser

While the fine lines in your complexion exist on a more superficial layer of the skin, the root of deep wrinkles and acne scars occurs much deeper in the dermis. So, to treat all these conditions, a CO2 laser needs to be customizable to the patient’s unique condition. With the Deka DOT laser, we can expertly tune the laser pulse’s width, power, and pitch by changing the settings to meet your exact skin condition. With 38 different settings, the Deka DOT laser offers light fractional, dense fractional, and full skin resurfacing treatments. These settings allow us to control the depth and density of ablation, as well as the dwell time for the desired amount of thermal disruption – this can be adjusted from 200 to 2,000 milliseconds. This high-powered CO2 laser is coupled with a 15×15 millimeter computer-controlled scanner that can apply hundreds of microscopic dots in under a second. With this advanced, safe laser technology, we can have you in and out of the treatment room in around 15 minutes.

To see how the Deka  DOT laser can rejuvenate your appearance, please schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Zarrabi or Sherry at our Santa Monica office today!


The Deka DOT laser is perfect for anybody who has:

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Acne scars
  • Mild to moderate scars from a traumatic injury
  • Sunspots
  • Uneven skin texture and tone
  • Fair to moderate skin tone 

Do not use the Deka DOT laser if you are:

  • Recently tanned or sunburned in the treated area
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have active herpes or acne in the target areas
  • Has a history of seizures

Personal Consultation

Board-certified and a Diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Zarrabi has the skill, expertise, and knowledge that put him at the forefront of his field. Although his practice is based in Santa Monica, Dr. Zarrabi sees patients from all over Southern California and many patients even fly in to consult with him. Dr. Zarrabi takes the time to explain and educate his patients about the techniques and procedures he performs. He ensures that each of his patients are confident, calm, and informed.

During your consultation, we will perform a brief physical examination and a new patient intake interview. Then, Dr. Zarrabi will want to learn about your desired aesthetic results. He needs to get an overarching sense of what your wants and expectations are from his care. With this information, Dr. Zarrabi will put together a personalized treatment plan that will address all of your areas of concern. Before we end your consultation, we will give you a list of preparatory steps that you will need to adhere to until your treatment session. 


To prepare for your CO2 laser resurfacing procedure, it is important to follow the list of instructions we gave you during your consultation. There may be individualized instructions that pertain to your unique procedure. In general, we recommend that you:

  • Stay well hydrated
  • Apply broad-spectrum sunscreen when you are outside
  • Cleanse your face the morning of your treatment
  • Avoid smoking and anti-inflammatory medications
  • Don’t come to your procedure sunburned or tanned 


During your CO2 laser resurfacing procedure, we will have you lie down comfortably on your back. Then, we will apply a topical anesthetic to the target areas. Once this has taken effect, we will give you a pair of medical-grade sunglasses to protect your eyes from the laser’s light pulses. Next, we will calibrate the machine to treat your skin type and conditions. Using the handpiece, we will apply the device over the target area(s), leaving behind rows of microscopic dots on the surface of your skin. Once we address the target area(s), you will be free to return to your day. Depending on the number and size of your target areas, most patients are in and out of the treatment room in around 15 minutes. 

Recovery & Results

For the next few days, you will notice that the treated area is red and may appear swollen. This is normal. The dots may become increasingly more noticeable, but this will subside after a week or two. We recommend that you wear oil-free makeup the first week after your treatment. Also, we strongly advise you to avoid natural and artificial UV light for the next couple of weeks. Your skin will be sensitive during your recovery. If you do have prolonged exposure to UV rays, wear broad-spectrum sunscreen to keep your skin healthy. 

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

After experiencing the high level of care Dr. Zarrabi and Sherry are committed to, you might be inclined to make Zarrabi’s office your go-to for all your cosmetic needs. Some services that go well with a CO2 laser resurfacing session are:

Dermal Fillers

With our suite of dermal fillers, you receive a solution to restore the areas of your countenance that have lost volume and glow. These simple injections replenish your face’s youthful appearance in an easy, quick session. From plumping up your lips to smoothing out your wrinkles, Dr. Zarrabi and Sherry’s collection of fillers is sure to contour your facial profile to a more youthful, radiant visage. 


Microneedling is an incredibly effective procedure to rid your complexion of skin irregularities. Like the CO2 laser, microneedling triggers a wound-healing response in your body. This neo-collagen works to restore and revitalize your skin’s inner structure which improves the skin’s appearance. 


We will discuss the cost of your procedure during your consultation. This price will depend on a couple of factors including the number of treated areas, the types of treated conditions, and the other services included in your treatment plan – if any were added. To learn about our financing options, please visit our financing page or call us at (310) 584-9990.


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