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A mini-facelift is an aesthetic procedure that helps to correct a sagging jawline, cheeks, and neck, as well as signs of aging around the corners of the eyes and mouth. It is a variation of the traditional facelift that offers effective results with less postoperative bruising and swelling, a shorter recovery period, and fewer side effects. Overall the procedure achieves a more lifted, youthful facial aesthetic with less surgery required. (1)
Facial plastic surgery has helped many patients to regain confidence in their looks. Dr. Michael Zarrabi, a board-certified surgeon has helped many patients to combat signs of aging with the mini-facelift. If you are interested in learning more about a mini-facelift and if it may be right for you, contact us today at our office at Beverly Hills or Santa Monica location at (310) 584-9990, or through our online contact form. 

Facial Aging

Signs of aging can become more prominent on the face from age 30 onward. And, although non-surgical treatments like Botox and Filler can temporarily keep them at bay, they are not a long-term solution to the problem. With mini facelift surgery, patients can achieve long-lasting lifting and tightening in the places it matters most. By tightening the lower region of the face you can achieve a rejuvenated appearance that rolls back the clock to look years younger.

What Happens to Our Skin as We Age?

So why does our skin begin to sag as we enter our 40s? The answer is that its support structure, the extracellular matrix (ECM), becomes less effective. Collagen and elastin – essential molecules within the ECM – are not produced at the same rate the older we get. And unfortunately, year after year, this disparity only gets worse. As a result, skin loses its tensile strength and elasticity, causing sagging in common areas like the jawline and lines and creases like nasolabial folds.

About the Mini Facelift

The facelift is a popular cosmetic procedure for its ability to restore a youthful facial aesthetic. It has remained in demand as one of the most effective ways to restore tightness in the face and minimize wrinkles for a natural-looking but improved appearance. 

A mini-facelift provides similar results as a full facelift, but focuses on the lower region of the face. The mini-facelift can prove particularly useful with early signs of aging and midface descent, and providing definition to the jawline. A mini-facelift pairs well with additional procedures such as laser skin resurfacing, Botox, and dermal fillers

What Is the Difference Between a Mini-Facelift and a Full Facelift?

A full facelift tightens the lower two-thirds of the face from cheekbone to collarbone. It offers dramatic results for patients with more universal skin laxity throughout the face and neck in a surgery that takes 2 to 5 hours. Because the procedure is more involved, recovery for a full facelift takes about 10 to 14 days.

Alternatively, a mini-facelift provides moderate elevation of facial tissues. It is recommended for patients under 50 years old with mild to moderate sagging. This particular procedure uses shorter incisions that tighten the lower regions of a patient’s face. A mini-facelift takes about two hours to complete, and takes less time to heal than a full facelift. 


Benefits of a mini facelift include:

  • Suitable for patients under 50
  • Less invasive overall compared to a traditional facelift
  • Shorter incisions with less risk of long scarring
  • Effective, natural-looking results
  • Can be performed using local anesthesia
  • Less downtime than an traditional facelift


The mini facelift is a less invasive alternative to a full facelift with fewer overall risks. So, if you’ve begun to notice signs of aging such as sagging in the cheeks and lower face or diminished jawline definition, and you are self-conscious about it, you may be a good candidate for a mini facelift. Patients in their 40s often want to address symptoms of aging before they worsen. A mini facelift is an effective procedure that boasts a shorter surgery and a fast recovery timeline.

You may not be a good candidate for a mini-facelift if you: (2)

  • Cannot quit smoking during preparation and recovery
  • Are not at a stable weight up to 6 months before surgery
  • Experience severe sagging in the fat pads of your cheeks

Personal Consultation

At your consultation, we will discuss the challenges that you currently experience with aging, which we understand may be a sensitive topic. Then we will examine your facial skin and determine whether a full or mini-facelift may be right for you. To provide an idea of finished results and what your procedure may achieve, we will also be happy to show you a number of before and after images. Dr. Zarrabi has helped many patients to achieve remarkable results with a mini facelift. Through this procedure, patients have come to experience tighter, smoother facial contours and newfound confidence! 

If you are ready to take the next step and set up a consultation, contact Zarrabi Plastic Surgery today at our office at Beverly Hills location at (310) 584-9990 or Santa Monica at (310) 584-9990, or through our online contact form. 


Taking time to prepare well is the key to an effective procedure and a swift, straightforward recovery. To prepare for a mini-facelift you should follow preoperative guidelines.
In the weeks leading up to surgery:

  • Stop smoking six weeks before treatment to prevent postoperative complications.
  • Create a home environment conducive to recovery with entertainment and ready-made meals.
  • Avoid blood-thinning medications, vitamins, and supplements such as NSAIDs, aspirin, ibuprofen, ginkgo biloba, and Vitamins A & E.
  • Arrange for a trusted person to drive you home after surgery and remain with you for the first 24 hours after you recover.

What is a Mini Facelift Procedure Like?

The mini-facelift procedure begins after careful preparation and the administering of anesthesia. Dr. Zarrabi will begin by making an incision in front of the ear that is carefully concealed along its natural curves, and extends behind the ear. This incision is shorter than that of a full face-lift, which typically stretches from the hairline near the temple to the nape of the neck. He will then carefully reveal the underlying tissues via the incision points, making the necessary adjustments. 

Like the traditional facelift, the mini facelift requires an extremely skilled surgeon with a broad knowledge of facial anatomy. Once Dr. Zarrabi has located these anatomical features, and has manipulated them according to your treatment plan, he will redrape the skin and suture the incisions to complete the surgery.


Recovery takes between two and four weeks. Your age and your health will impact the healing recovery timeline. Most patients experience mild discomfort and swelling, which should subside after the first week. We recommend sleeping with your head elevated and taking pain medication as needed. You may also experience swelling and tightness in the neck. You should avoid strenuous activity during your recovery period and request help around the home, only participating in gentle activity. You may resume more strenuous activities after six weeks.
When you are no longer using the pain medications that Dr. Zarrabi has prescribed, you may resume driving.


Results become apparent once swelling and bruising have subsided, after about four weeks. Scarring heals after about three months and will be significantly faded one year post-surgery. 

While a mini facelift offers more subtle results, it still provides effective, visible lifting and smoothing of facial tissues in the lower face and neck region. The smaller incisions will help to decrease recovery time, while still reducing the size of jowls, and lifting the cheek tissues to a higher placement on the face.

Cost of a Mini Facelift in Beverly Hills

The cost of a mini-face lift varies among patients. Factors that impact the cost of a mini-facelift include anesthesia and postoperative prescription medications. Qualified candidates may be interested in financing their procedure. We will be glad to provide you with an approximate quote at your consultation. To schedule your appointment at Zarrabi Plastic Surgery, call our Beverly Hills or Santa Monica offices at (310) 584-9990, or submit an inquiry via our online contact form. 

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Can I get a mini facelift with local anesthesia?

Yes, many surgeons offer mini facelift procedures with the option of local, rather than general anesthesia. As a result, recovery time may be significantly shorter.

Can a mini facelift fix drooping brows?

No. The mini facelift only addresses skin laxity in the lower face. If you are looking to correct sagging brows, the best surgical option is the brow lift.

Does a mini-facelift cause scarring?

One advantage to the mini-facelift as compared to the full facelift is that the scar is relatively small. Dr. Zarrabi will take meticulous care to position the scar in an area around the ears that is concealed and difficult to detect. Once sutured, the scar will be minimally visible.


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