Your Breast Sizing Appointment

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A breast sizing appointment is an opportunity for breast augmentation candidates to “try on” different types and sizes of breast implants. This way, they can explore their options and find the ones that will best achieve their ideal appearance. Many patients have a general idea of what they’d like their augmentation to accomplish. But today, there are more options available than ever before, and making such an important decision can be daunting. Dr. Michael Zarrabi is dedicated to making sure that every patient is able to select the size, shape, and projection that perfectly meets her desires. As a board-certified plastic surgeon who has helped hundreds of women achieve their ideal breast size, shape, and appearance, he relies on state-of-the-art Sientra breast implants. Sientra implants come with a 20-year warranty and hundreds of options to best fit a woman’s desired alterations. The first step is to schedule an initial consultation. After this one-on-one at our Santa Monica offices, we will meet a second time for your sizing appointment. If you would like to reach our offices directly, please call us at (310) 584-9990.

Before & After Photos

Before and After Photos

Deciding To Undergo Breast Augmentation

were happy with the hand we were dealt as young women, pregnancy, aging, and weight fluctuations can be unkind to the female profile. Unfortunately, there is no “at-home” remedy to naturally alter the shape, size, or fullness of our breasts. If you’re unsatisfied with the size, shape, or fullness of your breasts, you certainly aren’t alone. Almost 200,000 women underwent a breast augmentation in 2020,[1] after deciding that a simple surgery is the best way to look and feel their best. 

Step One: Initial Consultation

The first step is to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Zarrabi. At this consultation, we will perform a brief new patient intake interview and a physical examination. We will then take the time to learn about your desired results. Every patient is different and has unique cosmetic concerns and aesthetic ideals. Dr. Zarrabi and his staff have the tools and resources necessary to address these concerns so that patients can lead a happy and healthy life. During your initial consultation, Dr. Zarrabi will discuss your concerns and whether a breast augmentation is the best course of action. For some patients, breast augmentation is a part of their bespoke mommy makeover. A mommy makeover can include liposuction, a breast lift, and oftentimes a tummy tuck. You and Dr. Zarrabi will decide if a combined approach is best to achieve your desired results, or if a simple breast augmentation is the only procedure necessary for you.

Eligible Candidates

The ideal candidate is at a healthy, stable weight. Future weight fluctuations can diminish the overall effect of an augmentation. We recommend that mothers be at the end of their family-building journey as future pregnancies can also greatly alter their breast augmentation results. Because this is a surgical procedure, we also advise patients to stop using nicotine products eight weeks before surgery and the entire duration of their recovery. Also, we ask that they discontinue using certain blood-thinning medications as these may cause excessive bleeding during surgery. 

Step Two: What To Bring

After your initial consultation, we will ask you to bring certain things to your sizing appointment. Your sizing appointment will be an in-depth session designed to help you find the perfect implants for your anatomy and your lifestyle. So, we will ask you to bring a few things to your appointment. 

Pictures of Your Ideal Cleavage

Have you ever seen a picture of someone with breasts you thought were truly beautiful? Well, bring it with you! These can be pictures of celebrities, friends, or strangers on social media. These can be clippings from magazines: they’ll allow us to get on the same page! We will use these reference pictures as a starting point to assess your ideals. Along with the current shape and size of your breasts, this will give us an idea of the kind of implant required. It’s much like bringing a picture of a hairstyle to a salon. 

Everyday Tops

Breast Augmentation Los Angeles

We ask patients to bring a plain t-shirt they commonly wear and some other everyday tanks, shirts, and form-fitting tops to their sizing appointment. Our office has special bras that will allow you to try on different sized implants to see the different options available, how they make you feel, and the difference they make in clothes you’re used to wearing 

Dream Tops

If there’s a top that you wish you could wear, but just don’t fill out, bring it! This will give us a good endpoint as to how big your implants should be. We will change the implants’ size, shape, and projection so that your dream top can become a favorite you feel confident wearing.

A Friend For Honest Feedback

Bring a bosom buddy! Ask someone whose opinion you trust, has a good eye, and can be honest with you. With a trusted friend in the room, you will be able to see how others around you might perceive the change and note which implants suit your personality best. Typically, bringing a girlfriend is better than a romantic partner. Guys, sorry, but you just don’t get it. 

Your Sizing Appointment

We will begin your sizing appointment by making you comfortable in a private consultation room. First, we’ll ask you to wear one of your everyday tops. Then, we’ll look at the pictures you brought in to get a good understanding of the look you have in mind. We’ll bring a couple of options into the room. We have a special implant sizer for you to wear. It fits comfortably like a bra with pockets for the implants. By exchanging different implants into the sizer, you will be able to see how changes in size, shape, and projection feel in your day-to-day attire. You’ll be able to change shirts and continue trying on various implants sizes and shapes. Your friend’s input is valuable during this stage. They’ll be able to offer guidance and a trusted perspective. Then, we will have you try on the top you wish you could fit into. We will adjust the implants to meet your desired appearance and then have you switch back to your everyday top to notice the change. Once we have narrowed down a size, we will discuss shape and projection. Once these are decided, we’ll be able to determine the specific model of your new Sientra implants! In the meantime, we will order your specific implants. During this time, please follow the list of preparatory instructions to ensure an optimal surgery. 

Step Three: Preparing For Your Breast Augmentation

We will review these instructions during your consultations, but be sure to follow this list of preparatory steps before your breast augmentation surgery:

  • Avoid nicotine products like cigarettes and vapes as nicotine constricts blood vessels and hampers the body’s natural wound healing response. 
  • Designate a caregiver to drive you home. This could be your trusted friend or partner. We use general anesthesia during breast augmentation. The effects of this anesthesia will linger for the rest of the day, and you will be unable to drive yourself home. Make sure you have someone with you for the next 24 hours.
  • Discontinue using blood-thinning medications like Advil, ibuprofen, and aspirin, as these will cause excessive bleeding during your surgery. 
  • Pre-fill all necessary prescriptions. 

Why We Choose Sientra Implants

breast implants los angeles

With a 20 year warranty and over three hundred variations, Sientra implants are the industry leader for breast augmentations. Their implants come in a wide range of characteristics that give women the freedom to choose the best look and feel for their new breasts. All Sientra implants are made of high-strength cohesive gel. This “gummy-bear” like gel mimics the soft feel of natural breast tissue and provides shape retention without being overly firm. 

Also, Sientra implants come in either round or teardrop-shaped. While round implants are ideal for patients who want more high-profile volume, teardrop implants are perfect for patients who desire a gentler, naturally-sloping look to their breasts.[2] Round Sientra implants come in sizes that span from a Low projection (160cc-700cc) to an Xtra High projection (275cc-510cc). Teardrop implants, on the other hand, come in only microtextured and with two projections: Moderate projection (160cc-700cc) or High projection (190cc-635cc).

A Trained Eye

Dr. Zarrabi will take into account that the implant sizing outside the bra is slightly different once the implant is in the body. He does his magic and calculates a few options for surgery day. Day of surgery, we use patient goal photos next to their pre-op photos for reference. Dr. Zarrabi will try multiple sizes within the patient goal range, and actually sits the patient up during surgery to see how the implants look in a natural position. Once again with his aesthetic eye, he chooses the proper implant for the patient’s surgical goals.

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost in Santa Monica?

The cost of your procedure will be determined by the surgical requirements and any additional procedures included in your personalized treatment plan. We will discuss and determine the price during your initial consultation. If you would like to finance your breast augmentation, go to our financing page to learn about what options we offer.


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